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With over 20 years operating in Costa Rica travel and real estate, we have the knowledge, network, and experience to deliver. So, what makes us different from any other fund? We own and operate Costa Rican Vacations, Costa Rica’s largest travel company. We’ve already spent 20 years filling up hotels and vacation rentals all over Costa Rica. 


In 2008 we developed an eight-bedroom luxury villa in Papagayo, Costa Rica called Villa Buena Onda. We turned Villa Buena Onda into Costa Rica's #1 boutique luxury hotel with an occupancy rate of over 70 percent.                                                                                         


We’ve always found it difficult to find great vacation rentals in Costa Rica, though, for two main reasons. Firstly, we’ve discovered that many vacation rental owners aren’t interested in managing their property as a business. And secondly, property management companies want too much of the pie.


With this fund, we hope to address these two problems. 

The goal of the fund is to create a vertically integrated customer experience by starting with marketing to the client and following all the way through to the end-user experience at the properties. Utilizing this integration method allows us to control the customer experience, thus enhancing the value of the experience.

If you have any questions or would like to invest, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our preference is to seek pre-existing properties of high quality/values as vacation rentals in Costa Rica. This is the fastest way we can place them across our network to rent. At times though, this does mean paying market value.  However, when we have the data to show positive returns making it a good investment.

Upgrading & Refurbs

When we find a location and/or development that we believe meets the requirements of vacation renters, but still needs some work, we look for properties we can refurbish and turn into quality luxury vacation rentals. Most of the time this allows us to get both sub-market and great resale value.

We try to not venture into whole construction projects, preferring existing structures that we can refurb. Sometimes, though, in a required location there’s no suitable product and it’ll make financial sense to build. In circumstances like this, we try to opt for a quick construction phase to generate returns as quickly as possible.

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