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How it works

The Costa Rica Real Estate Fund is a Private Costa Rica Registered Fund that creates an investment vehicle that invests in vacation rental Real Estate throughout Costa Rica with the added bonus of you get to use the properties!

CRREIT purchases assets on behalf of investors and, after refurbishment, manages them as premium vacation rentals - offering them through a luxury network of Travel Websites, as well as existing platforms such as Airbnb, Online OTA's, etc.

Luxury Networks:

  • Costa Rican Vacations

  • Namu Travel (Virtuoso Network Member)


  • Costa Rica Holiday

Each property is specifically designed to generate significant investor returns with a focus on the lucrative short-term and mid-term rental market.

Below we explain how we define the investment properties.



Data is Knowledge.

With unique access to a network of websites and content covering expat life to luxury vacations, we can identify trends on the type, location, and size of the rentals that people are looking for.  


We use this data criterion to identify properties to acquire.




We are Local.

That means we spend most of our time out in the field looking for opportunities, nurturing and growing our network. We believe that by having boots on the ground we can find the right opportunities to fit our data criterion and execute on them swiftly.


Projected ROI

Flamingo Condo



Sales Network

Vertical Network:

Customer to Final Experience.

We have the unique advantage of having access to Central America's largest travel platforms, websites and travel planners that are incentivised to rent our properties.

The Fund Management Team are owners of the Travel Network.




Our Principal Goal is to Create Returns.

With a focus on creating wealth for our investors, we combine technology and industry knowledge to enhance pricing for maximum returns.


We use cutting edge AI pricing models to achieve this. 

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