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Costa Rica Real Estate Investment Trust (CRREIT) is a Costa Rican Registered fund that operates here in Costa Rica, buying, renting and selling tourism-focused assets.  It was created as an investment vehicle to allow investors to diversify their portfolios in Costa Rica. 

We founded the Costa Rica Real Estate Fund for two main reasons:

  1. To create an investment vehicle in tourism-related Costa Rica real estate.

  2. To solve a problem for the Namu Travel Group by solving a need for luxury, well-managed vacation rentals for its clients.


The goal was to fill these two gaps in the market by pooling investor funds to buy tourism real estate that the Namu Travel Group could rent, delivering returns to investors.


Tourism in Costa Rica has steadily grown year after year. On the global stage, Costa Rica has a strong brand for security, sustainability, and wealth preservation.  With over two million tourists a year and the average spend of each tourist increasing annually, Costa Rica is a great investment for the future.

Find out more about the people involved below:

The Team

CRREIT (Costa Rica Real Estate Trust) is a diverse team comprising both tourism and real estate professionals in Costa Rica. Every member of our team has spent most of their working lives in Costa Rica, either in tourism or real estate, most often working to bridge the two industries together. We’ve meticulously gathered this team of leaders in their respective fields together to help CRREIT deliver amazing properties to create returns for our investors. 


Richard Bexon

General Partner

Richard oversees the fund by making sure that investors are happy, new capital is deployed, and that opportunities and returns are created.  He is the Co-Owner of the Namu Travel Group.

Originally from Surrey, UK, Richard lives full-time in Costa Rica with his family.

Scot Cutter Costa Rica

Scott Cutter

General Partner

Scott oversees the fund and uses his network of real estate offices, as well as his property Management experience, to direct the fund in acquisition and management.  He is the Co-Owner of 2 Costa RIca Real Estate.

Scott is originally from Alabama, USA and lives in Costa Rica with his family.


David Karr

Acquisition Consultant 

David cut his teeth in Costa Rica real estate with Coldwell Bankers and runs his own business as an independent realtor. He helps us identify opportunities and strengthen our network throughout Costa Rica.


He comes from the Pacific Northwest of the United States, but has lived on the beach in Jaco, Costa Rica for many years.


Justin Deboom

Capital & Acquisitions

Justin manages current and new investor relations, and also relationships within our network. He usually does this from a fishing boat.

Originally from Florida in the United States, Justin now lives full-time at the beach in Costa Rica.


Casey Halloran

Marketing Startegist 

Casey is our marketing guru. He’s responsible for ensuring CRREIT properties find their way in front of customers. He’s also the Namu Travel Group CEO.

Casey is originally from Pennsylvania in the United States and has lived in Costa Rica since 1999.


Maria Jose Perez

Property Management

Maria Jose manages all aspects of our tourism properties and is responsible for providing the best client experience.  She also makes sure our tech staff stays up to date.

Maria Jose is a native Costa Rican and splits her time between the beach and San Jose.


Richard Hammond

Architect & Project Manager

With over 30 years of experience designing some of the world’s most beautiful buildings, Richard is responsible for any heavy lifting that may need doing and for making it look amazing.

He lives in Escazu and arrived in Costa Rica from South Africa via Los Angeles, California.


Roberto Meza

Project Management and Sustainability Advisor

Roberto has designed, managed, and delivered some of Costa Rica's most exclusive homes and projects. He works with us to deliver incredible projects and advises on refurbishment and construction.

Roberto was born in San Jose, Costa Rica and lives full time at the beach in Nosara.


Esteban Viquez

Accounting & Compliance

Hailing from Cartago, Costa Rica, Esteban is responsible for accounting. He makes sure all properties are compliant with tax and municipal requirements, and also manages the repatriation of funds abroad.


David Stubbs

Financial Consultant

Our financial consultant David Stubbs is a Hewlett Packard veteran with over 30 years of management and executive experience. His role is to help run forecast models and ensure a maximum return for us. 

David splits his time between Costa Rica and the South of France, where he has rental properties.

Have any questions? Are you ready to invest?

We’re happy to help in any way we can.

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