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Real Estate & Project Consulting

The Realtor is looking out for their commission. Who's looking out for you?

We take a different outlook to real estate where we represent YOU, the buyer. We use our 20+ years of experience in Costa Rica to help you find the right location and property. You can rest assured we’re there to offer advice before, during, and after your purchase. 

Your flat rate fee ensures that we’re there for you and have your best interests at heart. We know this isn't normal but we believe it's the best way to make sure we are here and impartial for you.

Below we outline all the services we include.


Richard Bexon


Your Goals & Lifestyle

Understanding your goals and having an idea about the lifestyle you seek is vital. This knowledge will be the foundation of all the choices we’ll make together.

Types of Property

Once we’ve defined potential locations you’re happy with, we’ll turn our attention to the properties themselves. What are you looking for? What works best for you? Condo, jungle lodge, property development, beachfront home, boutique hotel, etc.

Negotiations & Liason

When you’re ready to buy, we’re there to guide you in all aspects of your Costa Rica real estate purchase. We'll advise you through price negotiation, finding a good lawyer, due diligence, and more. We’re with you throughout the entire process.

Location Consulting

We’ll work with you to find and recommend areas based on your purchasing goals (investment, business, vacation rental, retirement) and your sought-after lifestyle.

Real Estate Selection

We’ll search our network of properties and refine them, showing you only ones that fit your needs. This will save you hours. Once you’re in Costa Rica, we’ll visit and check out the properties with you.

Friends for life

Here’s a warning right now: We’re gonna end up being friends for life! Once we help you achieve your goals, we’ll be around for anything else you may need, no matter how small or large. You’re part of the family now.

Real Estate Consulting Packages

Real Estate 101

The Real Estate 101 package is a great introduction to the world of Costa Rica real estate. It sets out to define the goals for your investment or relocation to Costa Rica. With this package, you will receive:​

  • Three working sessions

  • Goal definition and location selection

  • Property research and shortlisting

  • Realtor introduction, plus meetings

  • Residency introduction, plus meeting

  • 20+ years of experience

Price: $1,500 USD

Real Estate 201

The Real Estate 201 package is an extensive guide to help you find and purchase the property you’re looking for while offering support and a helping hand to guide you through the process.


  • Three-Four working sessions

  • Goals definition and location selection

  • Property research and shortlisting

  • Realtor and property selection

  • 1 x Accompanied real estate tour with shortlisted realtors

  • Property purchase consulting

  • Residency introduction and meeting

  • 20+ years of experience

Price: $2,000 USD

Real Estate 301

The Real Estate 301 package is the complete package that will have our consultants with you every step of the way, from your visit to Costa Rica to seeing real estate and full guidance through the purchase process.

  • Five working sessions

  • Goals and location selection

  • Property shortlisting

  • 3 x Accompanied real estate tour with selected realtors

  • Negotiation and purchasing consulting

  • Residency introduction and meeting

  • Property Mgmt and Rental Consulting

  • 20+ years of experience

Price: $4,000 USD

What Our Clients/Friends Say


Deb Defour, CO, USA

Richard and his team have been instrumental in guiding me through the minefield of real estate in Costa Rica.  The process was so confusing, to begin with until I met these guys.  Save yourself time & money, use them.

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