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Frequently Asked Questions

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There are no onboarding fees.

What is the minimum investment amount?

​The minimum investment is USD$20,000. If you wish to invest less than that amount, however, please contact us.


There are no onboarding fees.

There are no onboarding fees.


Is this a registered fund?

Yes, the fund is registered in Costa Rica, and the investors own the real estate behind the fund and the Managing Partners being invested into the fund.

Why would we ask you to invest if we are not willing to invest as well?

There are no onboarding fees.


What protection do investors have?

The Fund is owned by the investors that henceforth are known as Limited Partners, who own the Real Estate in Costa Rica. If the worst were to happen, the fund is backed by real estate that is the name of the fund.  

There are no onboarding fees.


What is the ownership structure?


The Limited Partners, or Investors, own the Fund, which in turn owns the company in Costa Rica that owns the Real Estate. The Fund has a Management Agreement with Costa Rica REIT to be the General Partner to acquire and manage the Real Estate to create returns for investors.

There are no onboarding fees.


Is there an onboarding fee?


No. There is no onboarding fee whatsoever. Our goal is to create returns for our investors. By having onboarding fees, we don't do this.​

There are no onboarding fees.


Can investors use the properties?

Yes, we highly encourage investors to use the properties. It’s part of the 'Lifestyle Investment' we hold so dear. We have a focus on creating returns for investors as this is our primary goal, hence why there is a greater discount with shorter the arrival dates.

  • 10% discount if booked more than 15 days in advance

  • 25% discount if booked 8 – 14 days in advance

  • 50% discount if booked less than 7 days in advance

There are no onboarding fees.


When will I receive returns?

You will receive yearly returns based on the returns that the fund creates. The fund will have a life of five years at which time the fund will decide to roll into a new fund or liquidate the assets and return the capital to investors.

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